March 2017 – Welcome to LaLa Land!

Kitty’s time in Los Angeles / USA!

At the end of March, Kitty’s business trip went to Los Angeles. What a beautiful, sunny weather! This makes it much easier and also fun, even if you have to work there. Los Angeles is not yet established as fashionable as New York, but with the L.A. Fashion Market and the associated events, it is increasingly becoming one of the fashion spots in the USA. For this reason, there will be an international fashion event in L.A. in autumn (, about which I will report in more detail in the coming months.

What to wear?  Although the main dress-code in L.A. is very sporty and casual and people are walking around wearing sneakers and jeans/leggings, Kitty always sets an elegant, stylish and fashionable statement!

How about a black & white 60’s inspired summer cashmere dress in the style of Grace Kelly? The Kitty Montgomery gown and the black short-sleeve cardigan will be the eye-catcher during your shopping trip on the Rodeo Drive or at the after shopping cocktail!

Where to go?  The evening and the sunset can best be enjoyed in Santa Monica on the beach! I recommend to visit the Shangri-La. Hotel Shangri-La is a full-service boutique hotel located at 1301 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. It is an example of Streamline Moderne architecture and Art Deco design. It was ranked as having one of the top five rooftop bars in Los Angeles. The stunning rooftop bar with a terrace is famed for its iconic sunset views over Santa Monica. Enjoy it!

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