“Affordable luxury”, that’s how the high-end knitwear-label Kitty Montgomery from Austria can be defined.

The goal for designer Sonja Ortner was to create elegant, feminine, glamorous and high quality basics for every occasion. Exclusively natural materials like finest cashmere and luxurious silk guarantee a unique and individual experience for the customer.

The designer sets a high value on producing in an established and very high quality factory in Inner Mongolia to ensure that the high quality materials are worked adequately. Every collection is divided into five themes: office time, tea time, dinner time, cocktail time and every time. Kitty Montgomery is the brand for every woman who likes to dress in classy and functional garments with a twist at every time of the day.

Kitty loves you, so love Kitty!



With Kitty Montgomery you get a high quality product, which is made with love. To make sure that you’ll enjoy your piece for many years, you have to treat it well. Please don’t put it in the washing machine or the dryer. Your Kitty Montgomery piece will keep its beauty if you hand wash it with wool & cashmere shampoo. With the help of the water natural fibers like wool and cashmere will regenerate and will be in mint condition again. Don’t be scared of your pullover or scarf to be pilling, it’s a natural process of these fabrics and happens as soon as you wear your piece. But don’t use a razor, because the delicate fabric will get destroyed. A cashmere comb will remove the small knots without harming your favorite Kitty Montgomery piece.

Luxurious Feeling