February 2017 in Vienna!

Kitty’s time in Vienna / Austria!

February is always the time to get dressed-up elegantly. Vienna is worldwide known for the most famous Viennese Opera Ball. And in February all the Fashion Weeks start as well, when the designers present their new collections on the catwalk: Berlin in January, then New York in February and finally Paris in early March.

This year, the French Fashion Week (www.frenchfashionweek.at) will take place in Vienna for the second time. The French Embassy venue is beautiful. It was built by the French architect Georges Chedanne, who is better known for his design of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. The building, designed in Art Nouveau, was unlike anything the Viennese had ever seen and they likened it to an Oriental building, which led to the rumor that the French had accidentally used the design for the embassy in Istanbul.

What to wear?  LA VIE EN ROSE. We love this glamorous silk/cashmere maxi dress with transparent laces from our Kitty Montgomery collection.

Where to go? Make a city-tour around the 1st District of Vienna, take a look at the French Embassy (picture enclosed) and then we would recommend to drink a glass of French wine at the Beaulieu (www.beaulieu-wien.at) Go there to relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and buy French delicacies from the Épicerie!



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