January 2017 – Hallo München!

Kitty’s traveling to Munich / Germany !

Hi! I’m starting my Kitty’s Travel Blog this year!

Kitty Montgomery will present one city per month, showing you what to wear in the city and giving you some cultural, fashionable or culinary local tips. It’s January and it’s pretty cold in Munich and it is snowing. Kitty is on a business travel, having some appointments with fashion journalists and planning a fashion event in Munich.

What to wear? Look forward to each cold day from now on with the luxurious Kitty Montgomery cashmere collection.  Scarves, stoles, arm warmers and hats will keep you toasty and fashionable. Freeze no more – the cashmere poncho was carefully processed for this winter and you can wear it even over your winter coat!

Where to go? When in Munich, don’t miss to visit Café Luitpold. You can sit in the lively coffee house atmosphere and enjoy its good, fresh homemade cakes. There is also a museum on the first floor from which you can see right into the bakery – make sure you try the tarts, pralines and other delicacies!


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